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CS Seminar Series – Prof. Wen Gao (Peking University) – Enabling data sharing with secure computation

Date: April 21, 2017

Speaker: Prof. Wen Gao, Peking University

Location: DBH 6011

Time: 11am – 12pm

Host: Ramesh Jain

Title: Multimedia Big Data based Personalized Health Management

Abstract: With the fact that “Healthy China” rises to national strategy, the medical services have transferred from after-disease treatment to preventive health management. Health management models vary from person to person, and the personalized health management needs to focus on the monitoring and analysis of individual lifestyle and behavior patterns. The real-time behavior data, which is automatically collected via wearable devices and social media, enables all-round recording of individual lifestyle and behavior patterns and thus can be exploited for personalized health management. There are some key issues we need to solve before building up this kind of system. First, how to storage and manage the huge personal multimedia data from surrounding camera and microphone and other devices. Second, how to acquire the personal historic data from the wearable devices they might keep all user data in their own loop. Third, quite close to the second issue but even hard to deal with, how we can get the real-time behavior data for the decision system of healthcare from wearable devices providers in case their data is not open to public yet. In this talk, I will discuss some solutions to solve the issues, including but not limited to, heterogeneous and multi-source health data structuring, standardization for the data format of wearable device, public multimedia data center for personal healthcare, disease association pattern mining from dynamic and static health data, personalized and real-time health management for dynamic decision support.

Bio: Wen Gao now is a Boya Chair Professor at Peking university. He also serves as the vice president of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) since 2013, and the president of China Computer Federation (CCF) since 2016. He received his Ph.D. degree in electronics engineering from the University of Tokyo in 1991. He joined with Harbin Institute of Technology from 1991 to 1995, and Institute of Computing Technology (ICT), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) from 1996 to 2005. He joined the Peking University in 2006. Prof. Gao works in the areas of multimedia and computer vision, topics including video coding, video analysis, multimedia retrieval, face recognition, multimodal interfaces, and virtual reality. His most cited contributions are model-based video coding and face recognition. He published seven books, over 220 papers in refereed journals, and over 600 papers in selected international conferences. He earned many awards including six State Awards in Science and Technology Achievements. He has been featured by IEEE Spectrum in June 2005 as one of the “Ten-To-Watch” among China’s leading technologists. He is a fellow of IEEE, a fellow of ACM, and a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering.

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