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Research Centers

The Department of Computer Science is home to several centers that enable large-scale research activities in high-impact areas of computer science. The Computer Science faculty also participate in campus-wide research centers that explore and apply computing across disciplinary silos.

Below is a comprehensive list of computer science-related research centers at UC Irvine:

Calit2 – California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology
A multidisciplinary research institute in collaboration with UCSD, Calit2@UCI integrates academic research with industry experience to seek innovative IT approaches that will benefit society and ignite economic development.

Center for Algorithms and Theory of Computation
The goal of research in theoretical computer science is to produce results, supported by rigorous proof, about problems dealing with computers and their applications.

Center for Embedded Computer Systems
Conducting leading-edge interdisciplinary research in embedded systems, the center develops innovative design methodologies, and promote technology and knowledge transfer for the benefit of the individual and society.

Center for Emergency Response Technologies (CERT)
Works to radically transform the ability of responding organizations to gather, manage, use, and disseminate information within emergency response networks and to the general public. By using more robust information systems, response can focus on activities that have the highest potential to save lives and property.

Center for Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems
Addresses the challenges of the modern data-driven world, using computer algorithms to discover useful information from vast data archives.

Center for Pervasive Communications and Computing (CPCC)
Dedicated to serving the vision of wearable computers with wireless connections that enable anyone to have continuous voice, video, and data connectivity.

Computational Vision Lab
The Computational Vision Lab focuses on understanding the information processing capabilities of biological visual systems and on developing computational systems for processing visual media.

Computer Games and Virtual Worlds
Promotes and expands campuswide research activities that draw upon UCI’s strengths spanning the social and technological aspects of games and virtual worlds. Collaborators include faculty members from computer science, arts, humanities, social science and education.

Cybersecurity Policy & Research Institute (CPRI)
CPRI is a multidisciplinary, collaborative effort among UCI’s schools of Information and Computer Sciences, Engineering, Law, Physical Sciences, Social Ecology, Social Sciences and the Division of Continuing Education. It brings a holistic, focus to difficult technology, legal and policy challenges in combatting cyber threats, while working to protect individual privacy and civil liberties.

HPI Research Center in Machine Learning and Data Science at UCI
The Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI), dedicated to pioneering research into information technology, opened the HPI Research Center in Machine Learning and Data Science at UCI in 2020. The goal of the center is to promote research and educational activities in these two fields between the two leading universities.

Information Systems Group (ISG)
ISG’s mission is to address this rapidly evolving information infrastructure by conducting research on all aspects of modern data and information systems.

Institute for Future Health
Empowering individuals to preserve and promote health using technology.

Institute for Genomics and BioInformatics (IGB)
Fostering innovative basic and applied research in genomics and BioInformatics, IGB works with established companies, start-ups, government agencies and standards bodies to develop and transition these technologies to widespread and practical application.

Institute for Software Research (ISR)
Works toward advancing software and information technology through research partnerships and educating the next generation of software researchers and practitioners in advanced software technologies.

LUCI – Laboratory for Ubiquitous Computing and Interaction
Addresses the entire range of research problems that arise from the ubiquitous computing vision: the design of novel devices, the structure of software systems, techniques for designing and building systems, patterns of interaction, and the cultural implications of ubiquitous computing.

Secure Systems and Software Laboratory
The Secure Systems and Software Laboratory at the University of California, Irvine.