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Graduate Programs

The Department of Computer Science offers research-oriented graduate programs that lead to the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) or Master of Science (M.S.) degree.

Students in the Ph.D. programs work side-by-side with world-class faculty and researchers to advance the state of the art across a remarkable range of research areas in computer science.  Ph.D. graduates pursue careers in academia or advanced research and development positions in industry, tech startups, non-profits, and government.

The M.S. programs combine advanced coursework with opportunities to engage in research. M.S. graduates continue to Ph.D. programs at UCI or other institutions or pursue research and development careers in industry, technology startups, non-profits, and government.

The Department also offers graduate professional master’s programs that prepare students for careers in industry through a projects-based curriculum that deepens technical expertise while promoting communication skills and teamwork.

For information about these programs, please visit: